Why Beer?

At Kathinka we are proud to be brewers.

We believe that too often people talk about products and process, wort flows and SKU’s instead of just great beers. We feel passionate about eloquent designs that show the commitment and authenticity of the brewing beer. Actually, we start working in the wine and soft drink industry. We see this cross pollination as a healthy breeding ground that broadens our horizon and stimulates innovation and creativity in both industries. We believe that a passionate approach does not equal poor technical judgment or reckless financial decision making, to the contrary. Actually that was all Sint Arnoldus did when he dipped his staff in the brewing kettle to save people from the pest.

Why Sustainability?

What is sustainability?

At Kathinka we see sustainability as a set of values. It concentrates on finding the processes that have the best efficiency, that use intelligent solutions that are respectful to the desired resources. That creates a healthy social and ecological atmosphere for the people involved. A truly good sustainable design creates a balance that increases social, economic and environmental vitality. It is not a myth that well designed sustainable processes promise real cash savings. We at Kathinka believe it is our responsibility because our client’s brewery footprint of today affects theirs and ours customers of tomorrow !

Why Now?

Frankly that is a good question !

We at Kathinka believe that the future is not about making “more” but rather about making things “better”. We think we are an intelligent engineering firm that can partner and help you brew better beer while reducing your breweries footprint without compromising your quality or accepting any of the lowest common denominators. So, why wait?

To that, we toast !

Floris Delée


An invasion of armies can be resisted ……..
But not an idea whose time has come ……

Victor Hugo.